About Revive Threads

My name is Sarah Lyons and I am the founder of Revive Threads co. I have a background in the apparel industry as a technical fashion designer. I have spent many years working in an industry full of waste and unfair labor practices. I saw a need for an actually ethical clothing brand, no greenwashing, safe labor, and  community over competition. 

Revive Threads is a slow fashion brand focused on sustainable and quality clothing and education. Not only do I strive to make quality recycled clothing, I would like to teach others how to recycle clothing as well. I am a local sewing instructor in Atlanta, GA. I teach multiple classes at a local studio and am available to teach community events. 

All of the clothing at Revive Threads is made from 90%-100% recycled materials. I strive to find beauty in the discarded, many pieces have bleaching or distressing incorporated into the design. Each piece is truly one of a kind and meant to be kept for a lifetime.